Case Study

Here is a great example demonstrating the need to replace a boiler and the improvements after installation, thanks to MiniHeat Ltd.
They have kindly shared the thermal image visuals, taken using their FlirOne thermal imaging camera, when replacing a boiler. The thermal images show heat loss from the old boiler and flue and the reduced heat loss once the new boiler was installed.
Proving that this is a great tool to be able to share your images with customers, helping them to make informed decisions.


Showing heat loss from old boiler about to be replaced and temperature emitting

Showing heat loss from an old boiler about to be replaced 


Heat from new boiler case - much better! 

Heat from a new boiler case - much better!


Crazy heat loss from old boiler flue

Crazy heat loss from an old boiler flue - before we replaced this


Drastically reduced heat loss from flue once new boiler installed


 Drastically reduced heat loss from the flue once the new boiler was installed