How efficient is your home?



With the current energy crisis, it is vital we ensure our homes are as energy efficient as they can be.

Around 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from our homes and yet 80% of heating systems are inefficient

A ThermaFY survey is an effortless action that can tip the scale in our journey towards a greener future.

Thermafy strongly believe in building developing long-term relationships, in order to help our customers take

meaningful targeted action to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions at home.

Worried about your energy bills?

A ThermaFY home efficiency survey can help you understand where and how you can save money.
Our bespoke energy survey will provide a thorough and detailed examination of every aspect of your home.
We utilise our unique thermal analysis software to make those invisible inefficiencies visible and ultimately, help you identify the best steps for improvement.

Confused about what to do?

Here at ThermaFY, we are trying to approach heating and energy efficiency education in a different way.
Currently, there is so much information, it’s a little like trying to start a new weight-loss programme.
There are lots of different techniques, products and suggestions, but it’s hard to know which ones actually work best or even work at all!
Your ThermaFY survey will identify the best options for you and your home, providing you with clear actions to suit your lifestyle, your home and your budget.

Are you ready to take action?

Our ThermaFY Home app provides support, advice and actionable steps to help you make the most effective decisions.
ThermaFY will be your long term partner, providing you with clear personalised steps to help you on your journey to a greener, more efficient and happy home.

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