ThermaFY’s CEO Awarded Innovator of the Year

Amanda Pickford, CEO and founder of ThermaFY was awarded Innovator of the Year in this year’s Women in Enterprise Scotland (WES) Awards, in collaboration with Scottish Business Insider. The prestigious awards “celebrate the talents of women across Scotland, and help to create more business role models to inspire the next generation of leading women”.  Innovator of the Year, in particular, celebrates “the development and implementation of new ideas or approaches to gain business advantage by businesses based in Scotland”.

The award recognises ThermaFY as a uniquely innovative company which is leveraging new technologies to address an everyday problem in an efficient, user-friendly way that can be replicated in other industries. While doing so, it is developing a successful business model while also contributing to efforts aimed at addressing both social problems-especially fuel poverty-, and environmental problems - particularly heating systems’ carbon footprint. This Scottish technological solution is addressing some of the most critical problems from a “roots up” perspective: addressing everyday problems and generating change by solving them.

ThermaFY is doing so with a truly global ambition: it is uniquely positioned to be a leader in combining thermal and damp measurement data to provide on-the-job diagnostics. It has received support from global companies as innovative as Microsoft, FLIR and Bosch, which have seen its potential to reach markets well beyond the UK and encouraged them to do so. It is also providing a model to encourage other potential entrepreneurs to dream and aim to become global companies.

ThermaFY’s goal is to meet these global ambitions by leveraging Scottish talent located throughout the country, from Aberdeen to the Borders. It is in its nature to use new technologies to allow this to happen, through online communication and work sharing platforms, and has proved that remote flexible working is possible. This helps provide high-level jobs across the country, not only in the big cities.

Finally, and very importantly, ThermaFY’s innovation is embodied by its founder and CEO. The world of data and new technologies has historically been dominated by male leaders. ThermaFY, however, has been driven by its CEO Amanda Pickford. It is through her drive and passion that it has moved forward from an idea to a company; it is her ability to communicate and transform which has attracted so many stakeholders, and it is her passion leading the team which has allowed for the development of an original and user-friendly product. She is a model for women in the technology sector, as well as for those aiming to become entrepreneurs. Recognising ThermaFY is recognising her and providing a platform to share her example and embolden other women to get involved in the sector at various levels, including managerial.

Congratulations Amanda!!!!

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