Climate Change and How ThermaFY Can Help

As this article is published, we are witnessing the largest global protest in human history. With children and adults marching through the streets of every major city to spread awareness for the issue of global climate change. Climate change is the biggest crisis of the modern world. To solve this complicated problem, complicated solutions are required. In order to effectively tackle this problem, we need an overhaul of how we operate as a modern society.

It is estimated that 23% of carbon emissions in the UK are caused by domestic homes. One of the main strategies to combat the growing problem of climate change is to ensure an efficient lifestyle. When a quarter of Co2 is produced by homes around the UK, an ideal place to start is ensuring that the least amount of energy is being used in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

This is where ThermaFY can provide an easy and effective solution to ensure our homes are being heated as efficiently as possible. There is currently no simple way to ensure that a central heating system is running at its peak performance as we have no reliable means of testing and determining how clean or dirty a heating system is throughout a house.

ThermaFY’s revolutionary software analyses temperature data in real-time, using thermal imaging and combining machine learning and image segmentation. The software produces a clear visual Heating Efficiency report identifying what the issues are and provides detailed measurements to help the heating engineer rectify these issues and improve the performance of the heating system.

By simply taking a picture of the radiators, ThermaFY software determines in real-time which radiators are running as they should, and which are inefficient and require adjustments or cleaning. Without the software and technology developed by ThermaFY, to assess a home’s Central Heating System an engineer must manually check all radiators. This is an arduous and time-consuming process.

The Scottish Government have set a goal to lower carbon emissions and achieve a net-zero emissions target by 2045.  It is imperative that all steps are taken to reduce the carbon footprint of the average home. The protests of September 20th show that, as a society, we are ready to implement the changes needed to save our planet but, we now need the government to act. ThermaFY is proud to be helping to achieve this by developing software that will be at the forefront of reducing carbon emissions in the average home. By taking action now to ensure all heating systems are efficient, we can reduce the disastrous effects of climate change and ensure a happy and healthy future for generations to come.

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